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The Samurai of Prog: The Spaghetti Epic 4 is out now !

The Spaghetti Epic albums 1, 2 and 3 were released between 2004 and 2009 by Musea in association with Finnish Progressive Rock Association Colossus. As the title reveals, the albums were inspired by the Spaghetti Western movies, so the music was prog with Western movie soundtrack flavours. All albums were produced by Marco Bernard and they included performances from various artists.

After 13 years it was time for the sequel album. This time it is released by Seacrest Oy and there is only one band: The Samurai of Prog - but not without talented guests.

The Spaghetti Epic 4 includes compositions by Alessandro Di Benedetti, Mimmo Ferri, Marco Grieco, David Myers and Rafael Pacha. In addition, the album includes great performances by Beatrice Birardi, Adam Diderrich, Tommaso Fichele, Stefano Galifi, David Myers, Juhani Nisula, Marc Papeghin, Marcel Singor and Sara Traficante.

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